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Der nächste Hilferuf per E-Mail!

Now I have a very urgent request to make. Please answer this mail as early as you can, if possible today itself. Shirley a poor girl is doing he Bachelor of Education (BEd) here at Mysore. She has to sit for her exams on Monday August 25th 2008. Unfortunately she cannot pay her fees of Rs.15,000/- She will not be able to sit for her exam if she does not pay this amount. She knows us quite well and approached us for help. Can I give this money to her for her education. She has agreed to pay back the money in installments in a few months time. Please reply immediately as this matter is very urgent.

Dieses Mail kam am Sonntag nach meiner “Büroöffnungszeit“. Als ich es am Montag Vormittag las blieb mir nichts anderes übrig als direkt in Ganjam anzurufen. Nachfolgend aber noch die schriftliche Bestätigung:

„This is to confirm our todays phone call. We agree to pay the amount of Rs. 15’000.- for the exam of Shirley. But don’t give the money in her hands. You will have to go with her and you will pay the amount against receipt. For back-payment we will speak as we are in Ganjam.“