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From: hemanth kumar [mailto:hthkumar.p@gmail.com]
Sent: Samstag, 16. Juni 2012 17:36

Dirk and Pina

was little busy in searching job … I saw article „Little Things Mean a Lot“ it was nice to read about me: ) thank you for your love .. 10 years back i was just flower seller today m known to world through articles by the help of peoples like you … when go to back 10 year its real hurt me there was no food to eat no love no help from relatives all painful days but only dream i has is to become an engineer .. i sold flowers i was distributing news paper to homes …even i cleaned toilet to achieve my dream : ( … today m working with professional engineers scientist its all because help of people like you…some times it will pain me when i sit alone think about those childhood days: ( .. i always use to pray to when this pains will go when i will eat food which will completely fill my belly … i have dream to help thousands of people like me hope this also come true when turns his eyes on me ……

thank you for your love and help

my job hunting is going on : )

thank you 🙂

with love

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